Shared Decision Making

The Board of Education and the Boulder Valley Education Association agree that giving teachers increased responsibility for participating in the decision-making process and the collegial exchange of ideas can result in a more effective professional practice and enhance the learning environment.

In support of shared decision making, each school will develop procedures that legitimately engage administrators, teachers, support staff, parents, and students, where appropriate, in the following areas: proposing, analyzing data, planning, making and implementing decisions, and evaluating solutions in the best interest of the individual school.  This procedure is an evolutionary process assuming greater definition through review and modification.  These procedures shall give teachers the opportunity to participate in decisions that affect them.

Each school is encouraged to develop a decision-making process that identifies, but is not limited to the following:

How decisions will be made in that school or department;

  1. A definition of roles and responsibilities for teachers, administrators, patrons, non-teaching staff and students;
  2.  Provision for evaluating the decision-making process to insure that constituents are appropriately involved at each stage of the process;
  3. A means for resolving differences resulting from active involvement.

If, in the evolution of a process for shared decision making at a particular building, staff members believe that implementation is not proceeding appropriately, their concerns should be discussed with the building principal to achieve “greater definition through review and modification.”  If this step, “a means for resolving differences,” does not produce a satisfactory resolution, BVEA may request a meeting with the Superintendent to discuss the concerns.  The Superintendent or Deputy Superintendent will then, if necessary, meet with administrative staff and/or faculty to facilitate.

The parties agree that this statement is an expression of intent to foster the concept of shared decision-making in Boulder Valley Schools.  It is intended to provide a framework in which schools may actively engage in the exploration of creative and innovative approaches to local school governance.