Press Release: BVEA releases recommendations for BVSD School Board Election 2017

For immediate release

September 7, 2017

BOULDER — The Boulder Valley Education Association, the professional organization representing all Boulder Valley School District licensed educators, announced Thursday that it recommends Tina Marquis, Dean Vlachos, and Kitty Sargent for the BVSD School Board.

“After reviewing written questionnaires from all school board candidates and interviewing each in person, we believe that electing this slate of candidates will ensure a high-functioning school board that will act in the best interests of our students and community,” said David Stewart, chair of BVEA’s political action committee.

“After a tumultuous spring – the loss of our superintendent, questions about board transparency – it’s very important to the entire BVSD community that we elect people who value our extraordinary district, healthy working relationships among all district stakeholders, and good governance,” added Tina Mueh, BVEA President.

Although school board candidates must reside in a particular geographic district within BVSD boundaries (Marquis, Vlachos, and Sargent residing in geographic districts B, E, and F respectively), all residents within BVSD will have the opportunity to vote for all of these candidates during this fall’s election.