BVEA Careers in Education Scholarships

BVEA offers annual scholarships to graduating BVSD seniors who are attending college to become a future educator. Complete the online scholarship application and submit all supporting documents by the deadline. 


New Scholarship Applicants

Online Scholarship Application - Due 4/13/18.

Supporting Documents: Please submit a PHOTO, OFFICIAL TRANSCRIPT and personal LETTER that includes unusual financial circumstances, contributions to the school, activities, and other information that you think would be helpful to the Scholarship Committee to by 3:00 pm, Friday, April 13th.

Save the Date: BVEA Scholarship Interviews - Wednesday May 2, between 8:30 am - 3:00 pm.


Renewal Scholarship Applicants

Online Renewal Scholarship Application - Due 4/6/18.

Supporting Documents: Please submit your recent OFFICIAL TRANSCRIPT and personal LETTER from you detailing your progress toward your teaching career to by 3:00 pm, Friday, April 6th. 


Please contact for more information.